“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu
“I long to accomplish a great and noble task; but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble”. – Hellen Keller

We have lofty goals of leaving a strong and healthy environment for future generations, creating healthier food options for others, and ensuring all species have a safe space to live on this earth. We believe the best ways to do this are through eating plant-based, lowering our waste and living a vegan lifestyle. We take small steps each day toward these goals. Our mission is to share those steps to help motivate and inspire others who want to make a similar impact on the world.

Eating plant-based has helped us embrace cooking. Having so many fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and more to choose from is exciting. Plus, the more we cook, the more we save money, reduce our waste and become healthier in mind and body. Many of our recipes are Asian-inspired because Asian cuisine has always been our favorite. It’s highly centered around plants, it uses a ton of unique spice combinations, and the flavor options are endless. It’s a great starting place to become a better cook across all cuisines. Some of our recipes are pretty authentic from living, traveling and cooking throughout Asia. Some aren’t, and are either our own versions of authentic foods or completely made up using Asian spices and ingredients we love.

In the past few years we’ve also reduced much of what we own and buy, in all aspects of our lives. This has not only made us less anxious and overwhelmed with things, it’s also been a big bonus for time and cash savings. Let alone the environmental positives. We share our tips and advice for reducing waste throughout our blog and social media channels.

As we’ve learned more about how our food choices impact the environment, we’ve learned about our other purchases as well. We now strive to buy only ethical and environmentally friendly products. We care deeply about animal welfare and the earth. We share the products we recommend and our approaches throughout our posts.

We are still learning and growing every day. Within all of these areas. We hope you’ll join us to continue learning and caring for this amazing world together.

Along with our website and social channels, you can also check out our videos on our YouTube channel, Moving Mangoes. Thank you for being here and joining us!

What Does Moving Mangoes Mean?

Mangoes are our favorite fruit and will always remind us of living and traveling throughout Asia. The move overseas made a huge impact on our lives. It’s a time when we started living minimally, greatly reducing our waste and gaining a better understanding of simple but flavorful cooking. We live by the philosophy that small steps can make a big difference. Our mantra became, before you can move mountains, sometimes you have to move a few mangoes! Thus, ‘Moving Mangoes’ was born. This is how we approach our lives and the information we share on this website.

*We were previously ‘Veggie Campus’ if you knew us then, but the name change aligned much more with the message we wanted to share with you!

Andrew & Caryn

  • Caryn grew up in Chicago, Illinois and Andrew grew up in Santa Cruz, California. We’ve lived in Denver, Colorado since 2013, which is also where we got married.
  • We’ve always been attracted to healthy eating, but when we started eating plant-based in early 2014, we became even more informed, compassionate, and conscious consumers. It was definitely a transition period but the best ever!
  • We’ve been fortunate to travel extensively throughout the world, but our best memories of food and travel are from our time in Asia. Andrew spent 4 years living in Southeast Asia as a teenager, and I had the fortune to travel throughout Asia for work. In July, 2017, we moved to Taipei, Taiwan to explore Asia even more in-depth. Our desire was to open our minds and embed ourselves within a new culture. We learned so much and started bringing more of our passion for Asian cuisine and cooking into our website.

We provide plant-based inspiration and education. Sharing our Asian-inpired recipes, cooking tips, health benefits and environmental impacts. Thank you for joining us!

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