We love to travel, explore, learn and cook. And we are passionate about eating plant-based.

While we’ve cooked many types of meals over the years, Asian dishes have always been our favorite. Living in Asia taught us a lot about cooking with Asian spices and ingredients, and this completely changed our approach to plant-based eating. We were able to transform simple, inexpensive and accessible foods like beans, vegetables and grains, into so many flavorful and varied dishes. It saved us money and time and taught us to be better cooks overall. We think this is a great way to eat more plants, learn new cooking skills, and explore other food and cultures.

We created Moving Mangoes to share our experiences and provide you information about:

  • Common Asian ingredients and how you can use them to enhance plant-based foods.
  • Our flavorful and delicious Asian-inspired recipes (Thai, Burmese, Indian, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Japanese, etc.).
  • Our travels and cooking classes throughout Asia.
  • Other plant-based tips such as how to meal-prep, stay full, get enough nutrients, and more.

Along with our website, you can also check out our videos on our YouTube channel, Moving Mangoes.

*All of our recipes and resources are also fully vegan.

What Does Moving Mangoes Mean?

First, mangoes are a delicious and significant fruit in Asia! They are our favorite fruit and will always remind us of our move to Asia and times traveling there.

Most importantly, we live by the philosophy that small steps can make a big difference. Whether it’s in the kitchen cooking or tackling any new challenge, success doesn’t happen overnight. We love the process of the small steps. Our mantra became, before you can move mountains, sometimes you have to move a few mangoes! This is how we approach Moving Mangoes. Taking our time to learn to cook with new ingredients and flavors, to create new and exciting plant-based dishes.

Andrew & Caryn

  • Caryn grew up in Chicago, Illinois and Andrew grew up in Santa Cruz, California. We’ve both lived in Denver, Colorado for the last five years (which is also where we got married!).
  • We’ve always been attracted to healthy eating, but when we started eating plant-based in early 2014, we became even more informed, compassionate, and conscious consumers.
  • We’ve been fortunate to travel extensively throughout the world, but our best memories of food and travel are from our time in Asia. Andrew spent 4 years living in Southeast Asia as a teenager, and I had the fortune to travel throughout Asia for work. In July, 2017, we moved to Taipei, Taiwan to explore Asia even more in-depth. Our desire was to open our minds and embed ourselves within a new culture. We learned so much and started bringing more of our passion for Asian cuisine and cooking into our website.

Making simple, plant-based foods more delicious with Asian spices and ingredients.

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